Chain Management Marketing: Case Study Of Biba Apparels

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OPPORTUNITIES:-  Capitalize on new opportunities  Using geographical market segmentation.  Using new distribution formats.  Cultivating narrow market segments.  Maintaining a high level of customer service.  Making store easy to shop.  Improving Chain management supply.  Recognizing the importance of information. (Specialty Retailers,.2015) THREATS:- • Appealing to a radically shifting customer base . • Figuring out how to leverage big data. • Standing out from the competition. • Appealing to online and digital-savvy shoppers. • Weathering challenging economic trends. biba:- a case study Biba Apparels Private…show more content…
• Biba's layout was innovative and was set so as to enhance the clothes rather than just to hold them. The clothes were also displayed in an unusual manner, right from the beginning hanging on coat stands. • Biba never exhibited anything in shop windows, believing instead that people would be seduced to enter the shop by their captivating store interior seen from outside. (Wikipedia,2015) The 5 m’s of organisation – (a) Management (b) Mission (c) Money (d) Manpower (e) Machineries. Business Development: There should be adequate attention for business development anchored on a Strategic Plan. The roles of the employees should be evaluated and stated. Conflict resolution methods and how the company should be wound up should be in the strategic plan. (Fashionmarketinglessons,2015) The Fall Of Biba The BIBA image was unfortunately short lived. BIBA started in 1964 and ended in 1975 due to financial debt. Although there have been revivals, nothing comes close to the glamorous icon BIBA once

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