Chain Of Command Essay

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You should only pass on the information in your scene sheet and do not fabricate extra information: When you’re playing a cast character and a player character asks you a question for which you do not know the answer don’t make up the answer. For example, if you’re a soldier, you are asked the name of your leader, and you’ve not been briefed on the name, just make the in-game response of, “I don’t know!” If you’re pressed, say I follow his instructions, and point to the scene leader. Never step out-of-game and say, “The writer didn’t tell me.”. The reason we do not make things up is because it can create complications with plots as the writer would have no clue what you were doing and you won’t know all of the details with every plot to …show more content…

Then the player characters move through a series of scenes that build the action to a climax. Cast members portray the allies and antagonists met by the player characters in every scene. Since there is only one plotline running at this event there will only be one writer. Mission adventures rely heavily on the cast to drive the story. It is harder for a small group of players to develop player plot on missions where the scenes are often linear in nature and progress at a continuous pace. Thus, mission-based adventures usually run with cast allotments that are equal to one-half the number of player characters present. Thus, if there are six player characters, there are three cast members. Mystic Reams provides stand-alone pre-written adventures that can be easily played in one’s own neighborhood by 3-5 cast members and 6-10 players in case one cannot think of their own ideas for adventures. Example: Player characters hear about people disappearing in a certain neighborhood and agree to meet a group of locals to learn about the disappearances. In this introductory scene cast member player roles of concerned citizens supplying players with information that points to a specific house in the community. With the groundwork for the mission established the player characters go to investigate the “haunted house.” Cast members move to the next scene ahead of the player characters and portray large

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