Challenges And Challenges Of An Organization

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According to Borkowski (2016) three drivers of change include external forces such as political-legal forces, economic forces and technological forces (Borkowski, 2016). Such forces cause organizations to adopt new strategies to address these forces. Political-legal forces, such as terrorism and an epidemic of diseases, impact organizations worldwide. Inflation, deflation, and recession are examples of economic forces that affect the value of the dollar and how Americans spend their dollars. Technological forces are a major force demanding organizations to adapt new guidelines. The Internet is an example of a technological force. The Internet creates a robust world of trade among buyers and sellers as they have quick access to one another. It is important to note that not all drivers are external. Some are internal forces such as an organization’s structure, procedures, and resources (Borkowski, 2016). How hospitals respond to delivery of patient-care is an example of internal forces.
Have you ever implemented or experienced a major organizational change in your workplace?
Yes, I am experiencing a major unplanned organizational change in my workplace now. I work at the University of Maryland Carey Law of School and we are experiencing major changes because of a shift in the legal industry. The legal field is struggling, inundated with lawyers, but not enough jobs. As a result, law schools nationwide are experiencing a significant drop in applicants. Not only has…
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