Challenges Of Harta Packaging Industry

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Managing internal operation

Managing internal operation is the most important task for an organisation especially a multinational company. A good managing system can bring the whole company to the next level. While a poor managing system will cause tons of problems. In fact, the point of managing internal operation require level of strategy of understanding not on consumer behaviour, but the employee’s attitude and performance towards the company itself.
According to Mr.Lim, workplace issue is one of challenges facing by the company. Harta Packaging Industries Sdn.Bhd. had implemented 5S project to solve the challenges of workplace issue in Malaysia and Cambodia but the employees doesn’t put great emphasis on the 5S project. 5S is a name …show more content…

The challenges faced by Harta Packaging Industries Sdn.Bhd. will be the high increment for the price of paper roll. The price of paper roll kept on increasing as there are a lot of paper roll suppliers in China have shut down their factory. Therefore, the paper roll supply in the market had decrease and it cause the price of paper roll to increase. The demand of the paper roll is more than the supply of the paper roll. Due to this, the company plan to buy in more machines in order to cope with the changes in the external environment and to keep their competitiveness in this …show more content…

is international distribution. International distribution is the processes, relationships and fulfilment that a company set in place to get their products into overseas markets. International distribution is about wholesaling into new countries. According to Mr.Lim, the company is facing insufficient supply of goods in Malaysia and Cambodia. It means that a lack of balance between supply and demand levels. In other word, the current situation that Harta Packaging Industries Sdn.Bhd. is shortage which is a term to indicate that the supply produced is below that of the quantity being demanded by the consumers (Boundless,

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