Changes to Human Resource Management and Technology in the 21st Century

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In this Report I will discuss Human Resource Management and the technological changes of the 21st century. I will show that unlike previous years, the problem is no longer one of hiring top people or recruiting better than your competition. Today day the problem is keeping up with the competitor’s latest technology, and recognizing the changes that will be necessary for sourcing and recruiting and what changes they will have to make in order to evolve to a global level. Global leaders face at least three completely different challenges: distance, cultural differences, and cross cultural barriers. Three leading studies of cross cultural management have been conducted by Geert Hofstede and Fons Trompenaars and the Global Project. Although they all have similar but different modules they all seem to have one basic agenda and that is;
In order to operate and survive in the international field, a mutual understanding of and insight into the cultural mindsets, reasoning, motivation and logic of the nationalities involved is crucial. All too often approaches that are accepted in one's "home" culture do not have the desired effect, or are received with surprise, irritation or incomprehension by another nationality. By creating recognition of these cultural differences an organization can considerably increase its efficiency and effectiveness (Itim International HQ, 2014 pg 1 par1). Hofstede’s Framework: Power Distance (an acceptance of inequality), Individualism vs.…