Chapter About Attachment Of The Novel ' The Book ' I ' Essay

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As I read the chapter about attachment in the book, I was fairly certain about the category I fell under. As Tai began talking about attachment in lecture, my hunch was solidified in my mind. I took the attachment quiz, which affirmed my beliefs. I am insecurely attached, specifically anxiously attached. At first, I didn’t really understand what caused my attachment style, I just knew that I identified the most with it. I find it very difficult to open up to others, although I often would like to. I seek approval regularly and need to be reminded that I am still loved. I tend to worry about relationships excessively. I feel as though I am almost a textbook case of insecure attachment. I knew that I was insecurely attached, but I really struggled to understand why for several weeks. I have two parents who love me very much. When I was very young, they practically doted on me and gave me more than enough attention. They fulfilled my needs and my wants. I haven’t experienced any traumatic life events that would have changed my attachment style. So I was left wondering, how and why am I insecurely attached? What could have happened in my early childhood to cause this insecure attachment. It was during the discussion before the first quiz that it hit me. We were spending class time reviewing confusing concepts. Many people were asking questions that I had not thought of about attachment. For the duration of the review session, Molly made one point stand out to me very clearly:

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