Types Of Attachment Styles And Parenting Styles

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Families come in different shapes and sizes that make a system. Not a single family is perfect but they can have a healthy family system. When hearing the word healthy in general or in this case healthy family system it means things are going in a proper order and a balance. A balance in a healthy family system can look different in many ways and still be healthy. Think of a snowflake none of them are exactly the same so when asked what is a healthy family system looks like, we can say it is diverse and uniquely balance in its own way. Now there are some common factors that lead to a healthy family system. Types of attachment (bonds) styles and parenting styles have common grounds in each family. Also, there are unhealthy family systems that can impact the development of a child such as abuse. Attachment is the beginning of development for a healthy family system. Attachment or bonds are started very young they start with the parent and the child then it expands outward overdevelopment. There are four types of attachment styles avoidant, secure, ambivalent, and disorganized-disoriented. An attachment is a special bond and is usually positive between the child and usually the parents (Feldman, 2014, p.182). Out of the four attachments, secure attachment plays the most important in a healthy development of a child. Secure attachment is when a child and the caregiver such as the mother gives a secure foundation which the child feels like he/ she can explore the world around
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