Chapter Nine : The Research Journey

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Chapter Nine: The Research Journey The chapter provides an overview of the journey of the scholarship from research design to implementation discussing the challenges of conducting research outside of a researchers personal perspectives. It begins with a reflection on the research from the original research framework to the final design, the contextual, conflictual, and cultural realities that influenced the process. Then I reflect more closely of the role of the role of my own identity in the research process, looking at the challenges of western methods and the concerns of creating valid feedback when multiple worldviews are present. Designing Research Developing a plan. Acknowledging the complexity inherent in the identities and worldviews of the parties involved in the research can provide a deeper understanding of the human experience of the research and its outcomes. In using participatory methods, a researcher must simultaneously acknowledge and question how their participation may influence or change group dynamics and outcomes while in turn recognizing how they are being influenced by the contexts they engage in. Understanding this complex web of perceptions, behaviors, and relationships is a lesson in humility. The research approach that has emerged serves as a memetic example of the very theory it questions by creating a design that requires the inclusion of complexity as a vehicle to understand the research, the researcher, and the research community/ies,
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