Character Analysis: Jinsen

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In the beginning of this chapter, Justin was still thinking about what happened in Ms.Keller’s class that day. Megan invited him to go somewhere today, but he was already going over to Jinsen’s house to help him with a project for art. As he walked over to Jinsen’s house he noticed an old lady leaving it. When Justin walked in the house it was still dark and cold inside. They talked about how Justin’s dad is an artist and if he comes over to his house he can show Jinsen. In Justin’s mind he noticed he had just invited Jinsen over his house and was fine with it. As they were working Justin asked where his parents were. Little did he know that his parents were dead and that the old lady was his great aunt. Justin was mad because he thought no person should live a life like how Jinsen was living his. They took a break from working and went to Jinsen’s room. It was amazing, an unending mural with gods and religious things. Jinsen said he didn’t have a religion and doesn’t believe in that stuff. They left his room and continued working on the banner for art class. …show more content…

I also enjoyed this chapter because Justin is hanging out with Jinsen more and they are becoming friends. I also liked how we learned more about Jinsen and his life. I connected chapter 5 to the song La La Land by Demi Lovato. I chose this song because Jinsen never really let other people change the way he does things and that is basically what this song is talking

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