Character Education Is Lead Through Examples in Live, Not in Isolation

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It is interesting to think that Character of Education can be taught in isolation. I believe that every person who works in a school setting teaches the values of Character of Education, starting from the teacher to administrator, down to the custodians, and cafeteria workers and even the bus drivers. Since we are all in contact with students, we all have an influence.
Dr. Lickona’s definition of what Character is ”character education is the deliberate effort to help people understand, care about, can act upon core ethical values.” His statement reflects on the fact that we all have a job, whether we accept it or not, to educate students. We can teach values throughout our lessons and curriculum without becoming religious. Educators must …show more content…

By creating opportunities that develop critical thinking, we are encouraging students to engage in meaningful conversations that have significance in their lives. Kohl’s article clearly states that even in schools like the one in Chicago, where the majority of the students are African American, living in a community with many struggles a kindergarten teacher used a simple story to teach the concept of being a good and polite citizen, (Kohn, p. 2).
Now days, California has the opportunity to build classrooms that teach values and help develop positive character traits more directly. With the adoption of the Common Core Standards, we can teach academic lessons along with lessons that teach values and character at the same time. Students can not only learn about what happens to characters in stories, but also learn the ethical part of questions and ideas in books. By embedding values of Character of Education through out the school day makes it easier to reinforce values within the students. It gives the message that values and morals are not something that last and matter for one or two moments, but create the sense that once acquired, they become a part of who we are. Developing critical thinkers with character traits helps the whole child, not only the academic student. The fact that we use our academics to make sure our students understand and internalize that being an

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