Characteristics Of Leadership As A Leadership Minor

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Characteristics of Leadership During my time as a leadership minor, I have been exposed to countless lessons of leadership. In both the classroom and during retreats, the experiences within the Leadership Studies minor have allowed for a new discovery of the importance of leaders. In each lesson, I have thought about how to use the different concepts of leadership in the classroom. As an aspiring middle school teacher, I consider ways to better interact with my future coworkers and I think of the best ways to teach potential students. The combination of being an Integrated Educational Studies major and a Leadership Studies minor has been mutually beneficial within each field.
One of the most prominent lessons I have learned in the
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Remembering to take a step back in group decision making was beneficial for team dynamic and respect.

A major learning outcome for me came from LEAD 314 Developing Effective Teams. In this class my classmates and I were placed into five groups and were together for different assignments. The selection for the teams was completely random and I was placed with six of my peers who I did not know very well. Throughout the semester, I learned about their temperaments and interaction styles to better understand how they act and how I can better communicate and interact with them. We worked together in the classroom, at our retreat, on a ropes course, for a facilitation, and eventually became a high functioning team. “The atmosphere in an effective team tends to be informal, comfortable, and relaxed. There are no obvious signs of boredom or tension. One signal that your team is effective is that you enjoy being around the people. You want to come to the team meetings” (Parker). Having an 8:30am class was definitively not my first choice, but having great teammates made coming to school in the morning totally worthwhile. I found so much joy in getting to know the members of my team and we found ways to work well together.
When people think of leadership, they often envision people in positions of power. While many impactful leaders have held major positions, leadership is also attainable for those who take charge.
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