Characteristics Of The Watermarking System

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the CSF characteristics of the HVS in order to embed the watermarking data on selected wavelet coefficients of the input image. The selected coefficients dwell on the detail sub bands and the information about the edges of the image were contained in them. Hence, the embedded information becomes invisible by exploiting the HVS which was less sensitive to alterations on high frequencies. The success of their method in terms of robustness and transparency was illustrated by results of the experiments conducted. Their approach performed against the diverse widespread signal processing methods as compression, filtering, noise and cropping splendidly.

A scaling based image-adaptive watermarking system which …show more content…

An adaptive image watermarking algorithm based on HMM in wavelet domain was presented by Zhang Rong- Yue et al. [27]. The algorithm considered both the energy correlation across the scale and the different sub bands at the same level of the wavelet pyramid and employed a vector HMM model. Intended for the HMM tree structure, they optimized an embedding strategy. They enhanced the performance by employing the dynamical threshold schemes. The performance of the HMM based watermarking algorithm against Stir mark attacks, such as JPEG compression, adding noise, median cut and filter was radically enhanced.

A multi-resolution watermarking method based on the discrete wavelet transform for copyright protection of digital images was presented by Zolghadrasli and S. Rezazadeh [21]. The watermark employed was a noise type Gaussian sequence. Watermark components were added to the significant coefficients of each selected sub band by considering the human visual system in order to embed the watermark robustly and imperceptibly. They enhanced the HVS model by performing some small modifications. The extraction of the watermark involved the host image. They measured the similarities of extracted watermarks using the Normalized Correlation Function. The robustness of their method against wide variety of attacks was illustrated.

An entropy-based method for

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