Biometric Codes Are Used For Recognising A User On The Basis Of Biometric

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Biometric systems are used for recognising a user on the basis of biometric traits he have. During authentication some of the frequently asked questions are “Is he who he claims to be?”, “Is he a valid user for gaining access to the system?”. Biometric system answers all these questions by authenticating the users. Every second information is shared and transferred between people and it is important to make sure that what is sent by sender is what received by the receiver thus raising the demand of security. Steganography is one of the techniques used for securing the data. The secret message is hidden inside a cover media like audio, video or image with the help of a secret key. Biometric templates can also be secured with this technique. Instead of storing original templates in the database stego-image is stored. LSB is one of the common techniques that replace the LSB of every pixel of the cover image with the secret message to form stego-image.
Keywords: Biometric, Biometric Attacks, Biometric template, Steganography, Security.

1. Introduction
With increasing rate of attacks, everyone today needs a reliable and secure system. Biometric systems fulfil the needs to a great extent as biometric traits are better than passwords or pins which have chances of being stolen and forgotten. Before using biometric systems enrolment phase is necessary during which the templates of the users are stored in the database. During authentication user 's claim is matched with the

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