Characteristics of a Great Leader

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Leaders have existed throughout history in one form or another. The process of passing down gathered knowledge from one generation to the next has been present in every human society, past or present. Although leadership is an important part of the human experience, our relationship with our followers is an essential part of our life and directly affects our well being. In this paper, the focus will be on the strengths, weaknesses, and conflict styles.

In order to be a leader, a leader must have several characteristics such as easy to communicate with people, determined, optimistic, good listener, responsible, passionate, quick thinking, honesty, perseverance, and care for people. Bordas’s “Salsa, Soul, and Spirit”, utilizes diverse cultures as a way to demonstrate the concept of leadership. By defining leadership through diverse cultures, it illustrates an idealistic perception of leadership and emphasize for those who seek to possess this attribute. According to Bordas, she states, “You have to work as hard as [your followers] do, or harder, and with them. You’ve got to be fair. You’ve got to say ‘These are the rules. I will abide by them.’ You need to be willing to sacrifice if you are going to ask people to sacrifice” (93). In my opinion, this quote demonstrates a vivid image of the importance of leadership and the significances it creates despite the challenges and circumstances because leaders set the standard for followers; however, in order for followers to trust

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