Charles Law Lab Report

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125 mL Erlenmeyer flask, one-hole rubber stopper, glass and rubber tubing, pneumatic trough, thermometer, screw clamp.

The quantitative relationship between the volume and the absolute temperature of a gas is summartzed in Charles'law. This law states: at constant pressure, the volume of a particular sample of gas is directly proportional to the absolute temperature. Charles' law may be expressed mathematically: V ". T (constant pressure) V = kT o, : T = k (constant pressure) (1) (2)

where V is volume, T is Kelvin temperature, and k is a proportionality constant. dependent on the number of moles and the pressure of the gas. If the volume of the same sample of gas is measured
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Add water as needed to maintain the water level in the beaker. Read and record the temperature of the boiling water. While the flask is still in the boiling water, seal it by clamping the rubber tubing tightly with a screw clamp. Remove the flask from the hot water and submerge it in a pan of cold water, keeping the top down at all times to avoid losing air. Remove the screw clamp, letting the cold water flow into the flask. Keep the flask totally submerged for about 6 minutes to allow the flask and contents to attain the temperature of the water. Read and record the temperature of the water in the pan.

Figure 19. 1 Rubber stopper assembly



Heating the flask (and air) in boiling water


In order to equalize the pressure inside the flask with that of the atmosphere, bring the water level in the flask to the same level as the water in the pan by raising or lowering the flask (see Figure 19.3). With the water levels equal, pinch the rubber tubing to close the flask. Remove the flask from the water and set it down on the laboratory bench. Using a graduated cylinder carefully measure and record the volume of liquid in the flask. Repeat the entire experiment. Use the same flask and flame dry again; make sure that the rubber stopper assembly is thoroughly dried inside and outside. After the second trial fill the flask to the brim with water and insert the stopper assembly to the mark, letting the glass and rubber frll to the top and overflow. Measure
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