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Chapter 8 Solutions Review Questions What step can you take when you install a DCHP server to ensure that IP addresses are only assigned by a DHCP server managed by a server administrator in your company? Answer: c. Authorize the server. What is DHCPv6? Answer: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6) is for networks that use IPv6. Your company has Microsoft Windows Server 2008 servers functioning as DCs. The IT department is debating whether to use Microsoft DNS or a free open source version of DNS that one of the system programmers likes. What are some reasons for using Microsoft DNS? (Choose all that apply.) Answer: c. Microsoft DNS is fully compatible with Active Directory. and d. Microsoft DNS can be…show more content…
Answer: An IPv4 host record is called a host address (A) resource record and an IPv6 host record is called an IPv6 host address (AAAA) resource record. You work for a university that has about 7,800 students, faculty, and staff. In an IT managers meeting discussing the implementation of new Windows Server 2008 servers, one of the managers questions if this number of computer users is beyond the maximum that a single Windows Server 2008 DHCP server can handle. What is your response? Answer: c. This is within the capacity of a single DHCP server. You have installed a DNS server and now you want to check log information to make sure it is running properly before you release the server into live production. What tool or tools can you use to access log entries? (Choose all that apply.) Answer: b. Server Manager and c. Event Viewer Users complain that when an error occurs on your Web site confusing messages are displayed. What IIS feature enables you to address this problem? Answer: Use IIS Manager to configure error pages to display more informative messages. Hands-On Projects Tips and Solutions for Chapter 8 Activity 8-1 In this activity, students install DNS. Note that if DNS was installed earlier, such as to install Active Directory in Chapter 4, instructions are provided in a note to remove DNS so that students can install it from scratch. Activity 8-2 This activity enables students to create a

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