Chembright’s Case

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Chembright’s Case
1.) What is the main decision confronting Chembright? What happens if they do nothing?
The main decision for Chembright is in regards to the pricing of their products specifically bleach, which is Chembright’s main product, and how their main competitor R.J. Poulson is pricing theirs bleach in order to get rid of the competition. This has caused Chembright to be unable to compete at these prices since there isn’t any profit margin for them if they lower their price as R.J. Poulson. Therefore Chembright has to stop the price war with R.J Poulson to be able to maintain their products in these markets. Now Chembright is facing the issue of how to retain their customer’s without lowering their prices, since regardless of …show more content…

If this doesn’t work I would contact directly the markets involved and see if any agreement is possible in regards to the retail price of the both products to seek the greater good of the market, Chembright, and R.J. Poulson. Given that R.J Poulson actually wants to take us out business I would try to enforce the antidumping since they initiated the change in prices to dump Chembright of the market. Lastly I would try to talk with my competitors and try to agree on price,

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