Child Care and Education Cache Level 2

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The expected stage of social development at the age of 4 years old is that children would be with other children, playing with and they start to understand the differences in people and their needs and so are able to get jealous and express anger whilst talking as well as physically and knows how to be creative.

The expected stage of social development for age 5 years old is that children will start to understand that having friends is good and they like to play more than being alone. They also enjoy playing in groups and participating in co-operative activities with others.

A suitable method for observing and recording the social development of 5 years old is a narrative observation/ description. A narrative observation is where the person observing a child writes down everything that the child says or does. However, when observing a child you as a practitioner will need to keep the observation professional by not writing anything biased, such as your opinion on the child.

An advantage of narrative observation is that you "can catch unexpected incidents no matter when it occurs." (
A disadvantage of narrative observation is that any incident that occurs during the observation could be misunderstood and lead to giving a biased conclusion of the child.

The main influences that may affect the social development of children could be a child going to a new school. This could affect their social development because it can stress

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