China Is Making A $ 250 Billion A Year Investment Essay

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In 2014, about 7.26 million new Chinese undergraduates were produced, which is more than 7 times the number 15 years ago (Sharma, 2014, p.2). Besides, “China is making a $250 billion-a-year investment in what economists call human capital” ( Brandisher, 2013, p. 1). Specifically, the Chinese government has spent a huge amount of money and energy in expanding higher education to improve the current system, and to provide a broadly educated public. However, the alarming rise in the number of new undergraduates has sparked a hot debate -- will the effort pay off ? Many researchers argue that these investment has led to undergraduates boom directly, and has resulted in high unemployment among new undergraduates. For illustration, the unemployment rate among Chinese new undergraduates six months after leaving university is officially around 15%” (Sharma, 2014, p.2). After witnessed such cruel fact, the whole society even some scholars has started to blame the government. Admittedly, the government should take some responsibilities for the boom. However, the number of undergraduates was constantly increasing before these investments, and education is more than just policies. Education is closely connected to cultures as well, so many other cultural factors may also impact on people’s choices. Hence, it is unfair for the government to take all the responsibilities for the undergraduates boom, and it is vital to find all the causes and correct them. Comprehensively, the

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