China and the World Suffer from the Use of Nonrenewable Resources,

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As the world population, the use of nonrenewable resources, and development of industrial technology continues to grow, the more harmful air pollution gets. Air pollution is caused by all of these factors, and more. While fossil fuel sources continue to diminish, there is an increasing interest in the use of renewable technologies, such as the air, water, and sun. China is one of the many countries in the world suffering from air pollution due to household and industrial use of fossil fuels and a massive population. Air pollution also has many negative impacts on human health and the environment. Although there are many solutions to these problems, it is the matter of the people and government knowing about these problems and solutions and the decision to make a change.

Like China, Albania suffers from the rapid exertion of pollutants in the atmosphere particularly, in their capital city Tirana. Tirana is home to a growing urban population with high usage of vehicles such as cars, lorries, and buses and extensive building of dwellings for the growing population. Not only are these problems existent in Albania, but are also causing transboundary discharge especially to neighboring countries such as Greece, Italy, Serbia, and the Mediterranean Sea. Until recently, Albania was the only country in Europe without an air pollution system in place or strategy to monitor the rate of air pollution. In the past years, Albania has made objectives to monitor their air quality in…