China 's Military Action Against North Korea

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During the first presidential debate, Donald Trump remarked that China should take care of the global security threat in North Korea through military action. However, the highly complicated and hostile nuclear situation there cannot be acted upon without proper analysis. Quick, decisive action might increase global security threat. Analysis of the nuclear war, traditional war, and coercion literature can provide evidence to support or oppose China proceeding with military action against North Korea. This analysis concludes that China is unlikely to benefit from being a lone-wolf and attempting to coerce North Korea to decommission its nuclear weapons. China would instead benefit from a cohesive strategy with the United Nations Security Council members and other military and economic powers, which combines military and economic forms of coercion meant to force North Korea into ending its nuclear program. Through the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (DPRK) claims and other intelligence there is ample evidence that the state continues to grow nuclear capabilities, specifically through upgrading operation delivery systems. Estimates now show nuclear weapons could reach as far as Europe and the western United States. The DPRK also has a large standing army, though it suffers from outdated and poorly kept equipment. Nonetheless, North Korea benefits from the strength of its traditional army and is expected to be strong in asymmetrical warfare. The DPRK’s leader, Kim

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