Christianity: Differences Between The East And The West

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There is three huge differences between the religions of the West and religions of the East. The West claim that humans are inherently bad and sinful while the East does not stress this concept. The East, mainly Buddhism, does not emphasize rituals while the West believe firmly that rituals are essential. Finally, the West stress the concepts of Heaven and Hell while the East believe in rebirth and Nirvana.
The idea that humans are evil is found frequently in the West. In Christianity the center belief is that Jesus died for our sins and that we are all born with original sin due to Adam and Eve. In Paul’s Epistle, chapter 6 quotes “our body of sin might be done away with” (6). This means the sin that fills each of us can be absolved by our belief in Jesus. In Islam there is a similar idea. In The Quran, chapter 5, it talks about how man needs to wash himself before praying but gives the justification that “He (God) only wishes to purify you” (6). This implies humans are not pure by nature and we must “cleanse”. In contrast, Buddha’s sermon at Benares speaks not of evil and …show more content…

In Christianity, The Gospel of Matthew speaks of how fasting is necessary and good (16). Self-sacrifice is a way to better appreciate what the Savior did for man. Judaism has many rituals also like a Bar Mitzvah for their coming of age sons. In The Quran Chapter 5, rituals are laid out that must be carried out to “purify” the soul (6) before beginning prayer. Each western religion stresses the congregation service or “church” to maintain holy. Eastern religions don’t stress meeting in prayer or rituals. Buddha even says in Buddha’s sermon at Benares “Reading the Vedas, making offerings to Priests, or sacrifices to the gods…do not cleanse the man” (11-15). Performing rituals and attending gatherings do not make a man holy in the eyes of Buddhists. Buddhism and Hinduism stress the importance of personal

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