Tekvid Communications's Business Continuity Plan

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Major Findings:
Throughout the audit, the audit team observed many times where controls were truly created properly and applied effectively to the IT infrastructure, and demonstrated in the strengths below: A detailed list of standards for selected IT hardware, software, and network infrastructure is on Tekvid Communications intranet site, and properly maintained by the IT Service. Cases prepared for IT projects with integrated business plans are shared with IT services or where applicable. Monitoring of Tekvid Communications infrastructure is performed, A monthly report is generated on results that discuss the infrastructure availability, such as storage capacity, bandwidth usage, and the response of the service desk to tracked …show more content…

The CIOB will be in charge of developing the multi-year strategic IT plan that is in accordance with the strategic direction of the company.

3) The CIOB should develop a Disaster Recovery Plan to support the Company’s Business Continuity Plan, one that will have an effective decision on the components of the IT infrastructure required to support the business.

Tekvid Communications and the CIOB should ensure that agreements between Tekvid Communications and external IT infrastructure service providers include the organizations expectations of system availability, measures to be followed in the event of a system outage or breaches and remedial actions taken.

Standards that correlate to the IT infrastructure have been identified for use at Tekvid Communications (all desktop and laptop hardware configurations, useable software, and network infrastructure) and are posted on Tekvid Communications intranet site to communicate the preferred specifications for operations. Standards for server configuration and software development tools are to be implemented and maintained by managers at Tekvid Communications who are the ones over the IT

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