Cirque Du Soleil

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1. Cirque du Soleil does not have a product, they have a diverse, creative, critical thinking, artist works company; a circus without animals. Within this company, this show allows their featured unique artists, to tap into their creative side and create magic for an audience. Cirque du Soleil aims to create the greatest shows onstage all around the world.

The core for a functioning Cirque du Soleil is behind the scenes, with artists and staff. Recruiting these people seems to be a challenge for this ever diverse world we live in. Recruiting and hiring these staff members for Cirque du Soleil is difficult because not many people will just run away to the circus. This lifestyle is an ever changing one, with artists of different
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Cirque has a variety of shows and venues that do not always provide steady pay. With that being said its hard to keep up with the rewarding benefits Cirque boasts about, such as providing new experiences. By giving the artists more say, a greater employee output is achieved, with higher job satisfaction, keeps employees. To solve its retention problems Cirque’s benefits heavily outweigh their drawbacks. Ultimately providing the best work environment than anyone in their competing market.
Finding talent i is the second current problem Cirque is facing. Cirque du Soleil has created a name for themselves serving as a business that lets you play to your full potential as an artist. In doing so they created an even more diverse product that makes it hard to find that diamond in the rough in cities and continents. This problems affects staffing mostly because they have created a name for themselves that their brand is a luxury good, possibly making artists perceive their company as unachievable. Perspective employees want to work with the best performers around. Now that the company has made a name for themselves, they are hiring staff with more direct experience instead of performers with potential. With a changing and diverse work force this poses a problem within staffing. In creating diversity, gaps in language and background quickly becomes an issue. Training and development problems are solved by having current employees that have open mindsets about other cultures,
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