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Cirque du Soleil- Porter’s Five Forces Mission Statement: Invoke the imagination, provoke the senses and evoke the emotions of the people around the world. They want their audience to bring imagination, while challenge the senses and bringing out the emotions of people around the world. Their vision is to continually introduce a new and exciting show. Strength: They are introducing and challenging the audience to a unique way of a circus experience. Their use of words with invoke, provoke, and evoking the emotions of people. They start with wanting to appeal to the audience and from there they will provide a show to intrigue and bring passion the performance to everyone. They are focusing on the customer’s benefits. Weaknesses:…show more content…
There are discounts for children, families, seniors, military,etc. Threat of substitutes (direct competitors) Entertainment is so broad and is still a competing factor for cirque, though their main competition is live entertainment. Their productions are extremely unique , so they do have a competitive advantage, but the possibility of the public attending other live entertainment is very high. Threat of New Entrants Because the entertainment business is so broad there will always be the possibility of new competitors entering into the market, and try to introduce something new and unique to the customers. Cirque has to provide the same level of performance that they have always attained. It is difficult for new entrants to a competitive factor for cirque because they offer such a different service from any other. The role of complementors (Indirect competitors) The competition would be against television, theatre, and any form of entertainment that is not live. Strength/Opportunities-Unique competitive advantages, well-known social media.-Opportunity to be able to expand worldwide while having a captive audience wherever they go. | Strengths/ Threats-Opera, circus, and other companies could adapt to the live performance industry taking away from the competitive advantage of COS.-Although social media is strength, it can equally be a threat if they put on a disappointing performance it will be covered all over the internet.

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