Clarce Rain Water Research Paper

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The eyeball holds many parts to allow eyesight. The retina holds the key to allowing the human eye to see color. The pupil appears as the black part of the eye that people see, the pupil however does not have much to do with comprehending color. As Clarence Rainwater said in his book “The pupil is simply the hole in the iris through which light enters the eye.” (84) The light then has to pass through many parts of the eye before reaching the retina such as the transparent cornea, the aqueous humor, the lens, and the vitreous humor. Clarence Rainwater described the retina as “... the eye’s sensitive inner surface.” (86) The exciting part of the eye starts here. The retina holds the key as stated by Clarence Rainwater, “... a complex system…show more content…
This explains why in low lights, such as moonlight, everything appears gray. As Rainwater said “By definition, color includes all aspects of light except variations in time and space.” (98) So color and light go hand in hand with each other “The color you see depends on the intensity and wavelengths of the light that illuminates the object, on the wavelengths of light reflected or transmitted by the object, on the color of the surrounding objects, and on absorption or reflection by substances in the light path” (Rainwater 99) Hue, saturation and brightness refer to the aspects of color. “Hue is the color sensation by which you distinguish the different parts of the spectrum- red, blue, green, yellow, etc.” (Rainwater 101) Saturation appears as the degree of hue in a color. “It is the color sensation by which you distinguish a hue as being pale or rich, weak or strong.” (Rainwater 102) Another one, brightness “Brightness is the primary visual sensation by which you detect the presence of light. It is associated with the quantity of the light and the intensity of the visual sensation.” (Rainwater 103) These refer to just some of the terms associated with color and the human
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