Classical And Human Relations Approaches

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“With reference to appropriate literature and cases, critically evaluate the influence of classical and human relations approaches in management today.”

Management as old as mankind has grown from the nadir to the peak which is not merely organized working but the heart of an organisation. It is the art of cognizing what is essential to be done in an efficient and effective way and it is know-how of doing things in the light of the realities of a scenario. According to Michael Nolty-CPA(2010), “Management is the process of getting activities completed efficiently with and through other people”. An understanding of management as a discipline requires understanding of the approaches that served as a base. History reveals us the various approaches that influenced the process of management ever since its origin. With the advent of 19th century, management began to take newer dimensions and is still evolving to a greater extent. The complex nature of modern world resulted in humongous expansions of the management as art and science. Classical and human relations approaches remain strong pillars of foundation for building an empire of management. The evolution era of management was in stages and at recent times the approaches have become the trend setters in various aspects of management as a theory as well as process. It has inculcated various qualities such as Leadership, Innovation, Effective Communication, Leading Speed of Thought, and Morale into the…
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