Classical Conditioning

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Identifying UCS, UCR, CS, and CR 1. UCS: the original terrifying ride on the roller coaster UCR: terror CS: the sight of the roller coaster CR: cold sweat 2. UCS: the fried oyster UCR: sickness CS: the smell of frying food CR: nausea 3. UCS: the spaniel’s barking and lunging UCR: initial fright CS: the sight of the spaniel’s house CR: fear and trembling 4. UCS: the canned dog food UCR: salivation CS: the sound of the can opener CR: drooling 5. UCS: the bee sting UCR: pain and fear CS: the sound of buzzing CR: fear 6. UCS: the girlfriend’s original pleasing behaviours UCR: happiness and …show more content…

Sinbad was frightened when a barking spaniel lunged at|Barking dog |Fear |House |Fear/ | |the fence as Sinbad walked by. The next day, when | | | |trembling | |Sinbad’s mother started to lead him by the house where | | | | | |the

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