Classical Conditioning Learning Experience

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Classical Conditioning Learning Experience

My Learning Experience As early as I can remember, my house growing up was always free of bell peppers. My mother is allergic to them; even the smell makes her sick to her stomach. I always wondered if I was allergic to them as well, but never took any chances as a child and didn’t eat them either. Even to this day when dining out with my parents my mother always asks “are there bell peppers in this” her face would always have that crinkled up nose, that look of disgust on her face when she says it, as would anyone who has a food allergy especially to a common food like bell peppers. From this experience I learned not to like bell peppers either, as a young a child develops that sense
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Once I ate the hotdog with the sour kraut I noticed that I did like the sour kraut on the hotdog. Classical conditioning is unavoidable unless you keep the blank slate you have as a baby by avoiding all contact with the outside environment, it’s not only the parents that influence children into classical conditioning, any repeated of conditioned responses or conditioned stimulus will help to define a like or dislike of any one thing. The examples of the bell pepper and sour kraut are just a couple of the examples of classical conditioning set by my immediate environment, as an adult now those types of classical conditioning are further and few between, my environment is limited to those around me on a repeated basis. I now unconscientiously can decide for myself what I like or dislike by my own free will and limiting a conditioned response.


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