Climate Change : Global Warming

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Climate Change Background Information What is Climate Change? Climate Change discusses the alteration in climate patterns over a period of time, from several years to millions of years. Climate change can happen in any direction and can be caused by many different factors such as variation in the earth’s orbit, volcanic eruption and so on. However, recently, due to unregulated human activities, many scientific researches showed that the temperature of Earth has constantly increased during the past half century. Therefore, climate change is now often referred to as “global warming”, which talks about the uncommon increasing in global climate temperature caused by human activities and the negative consequences it would bring to our environmental and ecological stability. Consequences of Climate Change and Why we need to combat it Several natural abnormities have given human beings clues that climate change is affecting us and all other living organisms. Carbon Dioxide (CO2, the most common greenhouse gases) has reached its highest level all over history. (Below is a photo from NOAA, national oceanic and atmospheric administration, a federal agency focused on the condition of the oceans and atmosphere. 2014) Based on NOAA’s measurement, the global carbon dioxide parts per million is 401ppm in October, 2015. (NOAA, 2015) What’s more, continuing global warming has brought us long period and severe drought in certain region, more intense tropical storms. Greenland and

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