Clocky: the Runaway Alarm Clock

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Question 1: What are the key marketing challenges facing Guari Nanda? How would you prioritize them in terms of which are most crucial to effectively bringing her new product to the market? (Answers listed in order or priority) Product positioning Nanda already has media/consumer interest, which should help her find interested partners for bringing the product to market, but she needs to first decide how to position her product in the market. Is Clocky a “Fun” product or a “Need” product? If Clocky is positioned as a fun/cute product, she needs to be careful to avoid turning the product into a fad or having price points so high they could alienate potential customers. If she positions Clocky as a Need product, she may raise consumer…show more content…
An alternative to a traditional distribution network was to partner with one of the MIT Media Lab sponsors who could help her commericialize the product, while Nanda focused on the product itself. This was attractive idea because she would not have to finance her manufacturing and distribution. She also had no experience bringing a product to market, so this choice was appealing. However, the downside was that the terms of license for the sponsor would allow them to bypass paying her royalties once they implemented Clocky. Time-to-market Nanda needs to focus on getting her product to market as soon as possible to take advantage of the positive PR, beat competitors to the punch and relieve her financial burden. Otherwise she has lost out on the greatest advantage she currently has. Communications: Nanda must consider a means of effectively continuing the current buzz about Clocky and communicating product information to interested consumers through her website and media outlets. She also needs to avoid having her product get too much exposure, which could lead to a backlash and “fad’ status. 2. Which of the positioning options are most feasible, given the product development of Clocky to date and Nanda’s goals, resources and capabilities? 1. Goals: Bringing Clocky to market as quickly and effectively as possible to recoup start-up costs and generate cash flow, create a sustainable business and enduring brand with Clocky, and deliver on her

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