Close Air Support Report

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This document will provide a recommendation that will save American lives and will allow the US military to be more effective on the battle field. This report will contain strategic methods for allowing ground troops to properly evaluate a target on the combat field. The report will also contain a logical method for equipping all combat aircrafts with similar munitions as to help provide Close Air Support of any magnitude. CAS has tedious procedures and techniques like evaluating targets, understanding what type of munitions are needed for certain targets, time critical targets, immediate threat targets, and targets of opportunity. The fundamentals for learning how to use and apply CAS are very dependent on experience and knowledge of the individuals …show more content…

Recently, in conflicts such as Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), the battlefields have shifted from open ranges to urban environments. As a result, procedures and techniques must adapt in order to be successful. Effective mission planning is one of the keys to employing CAS on the urban battlefield. It is vital that these kinds of operations need to be scrutinized in detail and need to have a unified standard procedure for ground element forces and aircrafts. All combat aircrafts need to be sufficiently equipped to carry out any kind of mission deemed necessary in support of ground operations and ground elements need to be well rehearsed in procedures for conducting a proper evaluation of the time critical target needing to be eliminated. Rationale and significance Close Air Support, by definition, is “air action by fixed and rotary wing aircraft against hostile targets that are in close proximity to friendly forces, which require detailed integration of each air mission with the fire and movement of those forces” (Student). Urban CAS simply adds that the operations occur in close proximity to the urban environment. A thorough understanding of the situation presented, influencing factors, and possible solutions, will help to ensure success. This can be achieved through proper mission Linda S. Young April 13, …show more content…

Most research done on the internet was correlated information of government articles (articles like Time Critical Targeting and Tactical Air Control Party through and non-fictional books (books like Hammer from Above: Air Combat Over Iraq and Battle-Wise). A visit to Kingsley Field to observe preparation of fighter jets for takeoff, personal tour and breakdown of all major functions and components of an F-15, and a visual tour of a fighter jet cockpit allowed me for better understanding and explanation in my report. The only equipment needed for the report is my laptop and

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