Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions

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Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions
A Tactical Playbook for Managers and Executives

Keith Rosen, MCC

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Praise for Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions ‘‘Winning in sales is no different than winning in life. As someone who has done a lot of personal and professional coaching over the years, I see tremendous value for anyone who reads this book. If the reader will embrace Keith’s philosophy around coaching, they can certainly expect to win in all areas of their life, while making a profound and measurable impact on their salespeople’s performance and attitude.’’ Dr. Denis Waitley Best-Selling Author of The Seeds of Greatness and The Psychology of Winning ‘‘There is no other single activity to
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Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions is a must-read for any sales manager.’’ Robb King II, Vice President of Operations, Paul Davis Restoration, Inc. ‘‘Keith Rosen has crafted an intuitive coach’s handbook for sales executives who are looking to maximize their force’s talents to generate more sales in an increasingly competitive marketplace.’’ David Thompson, CEO & Co-Founder of ‘‘Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions is highly recommended reading for managers and executives who are looking to improve their sales organization and avoid the myriad of pitfalls that can hurt sales performance. Keith effectively addresses the burning issue regarding successful leadership and coaching sales teams, which we all know is a huge challenge in every company.’’ Razi Imam, CEO of Landslide Technologies Inc. ‘‘Keith’s high-energy seminars gave my sales team the skills and confidence to take their process to the next level. In his latest book Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions, Keith once again addresses ‘real world’ skills for both sales managers and salespeople. Simply put: If you want your salespeople to have the same laserfocused intensity that my sales team now has, I suggest you not only read this book, but study it and implement it!’’ Michael B. Kirven, CEO of Bluewolf

Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions
A Tactical
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