Coca Col The Marketing Strategy Of Coca-Cola

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Strategy is the set of decisions and actions to achieve an organisation’s goal for a longer term basis. Strategic managers always go for long term planning as they target the ‘big picture’ which is also the execution of the strategies for QBL. A perfect example is for the company to create a brand strategy and market it, to entertain consumers because high prices bring profit for limited days- advantages of innovation. The mautiian beverages market is very competitive and includes soft drinks like Coca -Cola, Eski (a local brand) and also energy drinks, non-carbonated drinks. During Christmas, our main competitor, Coca Cola take come along with a new wraparound labels on their PET bottles with Santa Claus picture; whilst Pepsi displays regularly image of pop music & football stars. However, I’m of opinion, that we should plan something for long term like special flavoured drinks for occasions.
Corporate Strategy
Corporate strategy mainly focuses on the bottom line. QBL need to rethink and probably revise the organizational structure and include the previous company financial statements. The company balance sheet can still be improved if the …show more content…

The Marketing strategies of QBL involve creating a unique product and target those consumers which can be profit setters. To this should be added sufficient sales forces to ensure availability and quick service. The distribution channels of QBL are of utmost importance; brand image which is only possible on social media advertisements and public relations. Increase expenditure by x% for Research and development to develop a better style in beverages and/or to improve knowledge of consumer choice process while monitoring our competitor moves. However at all levels in the mix, the involvement of the human factor and resources will be

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