Coca Cola As A Gender Oriented Branding Concept

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The purpose of the following essay is to analyze the Coca Cola products packaging. Figure out the reason behind the different designs, colors and materials, and whether these bottles are actually the result of a gender oriented branding concept. This research draws upon mostly primary sources including product history, previous case studies and papers about Coca Cola marketing techniques, market research, advertisings, tasting experiments. My overall approach was to find a link between the packaging of the three main Coca Cola products; Coca Cola Classic, Diet Coke and Coke Zero; the message it’s sending and the client it is targeted for. First I had to study the substance inside the packaging to discover that these products fall into two …show more content…

I. Coca Cola history In 1886, in the port of New York, workers are building the Statue of Liberty. Not too far away, another great American symbol was about to be born, the iconic drink that will have the world fall in love with over the course of time; the ice cold Coca Cola. Coca-Cola is the most recognized brand name in the world with 94 per cent recognition and is the second-most understood term behind "okay". Today you can buy a Coke almost anywhere in the world, from China to Canada, or London to Los Angeles, with 1.9 billion servings sold every day around the globe. “The Coca-Cola Company exists to benefit and refresh everyone”, no matter the gender, religion, age, employment, nationality… Its primary purpose is to discover what consumers want and ensure the constant development of the range of product to meet everyone 's needs and ensure that it offers something for every occasion, at any time of day. II. Visual identity, packaging Throughout the years, the Coca Cola bottle has evolved in shape, size,

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