Coca Cola Company : Business Analysis

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Table of Contents
Executive Summary i
Financial Overview 1
Table 1: The Coca Cola Company 5-year Financial Overview 1
Current Market Situation 2
Market Description 2
Product Review 2
Table 2: Coke Zero Nutritional Facts 2
Competitive Review 3
Table 3: Competitor Review 3
Channels and Logistics Review 3
S.W.O.T Analysis 4
Table 4: The Coca Cola Company S.W.O.T. Analysis 4
Strengths 4
Weaknesses 5
Opportunities 5
Threats 5
Objectives and Issues 6
First Year Objectives 6
Second Year Objectives 6 Issues 6
Marketing Strategy 7
Product 7
Price 7
Place 7
Promotion 8
Position 8
Marketing Communication Strategy 8
Marketing Research 9
Action Programs 9
3rd Quarter 9
4th Quarter 10
Budgets 10
Table 5: Marketing Budget for Coke Zero 11
Controls 12
Works Cited 13

Executive Summary
The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) is a beverage company that manufactures, distributes, markets and sells various nonalcoholic beverages worldwide. In order to remain competitive within the industry, The Coca-Cola Company introduced a new product that penetrates a new segment in the beverage market, the Diet Cola market. The introduction of Coke Zero will continue to strengthen TCCC’s competiveness within the industry. However in order for Coke Zero to penetrate the market and maintain its status as a leader in the diet cola market, it must remain competitive and establish a strong brand within consumers’ minds. Coke Zero is an unique product that offers the original taste of Coca-Cola while…
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