Coca Cola Essay

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Swot Analysis For Coca-Cola Here we will analyse the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for Coca-Cola. The strengths and weaknesses will be internal to Coca-cola and the opportunities and threats will be external to Coca-Cola. Strengths Weaknesses • Most recognized brand name in the world • Various types of packaging • Consumer loyalty • Largest market share in the soft drinks market • High sugar and caffeine content • Declining trend in profits • Some large retailers have exclusive contracts with Pepsi and don't stock Coke i.e. KFC Opportunities Threats • Expansion into third world countries where there is no current presence • Healthy energy drinks i.e. to compete with Lucozade • Middle east…show more content…
New cheaper brands of cola i.e. Virgin Cola There are many cheaper alternatives to Coke, this has lead to much competition within the industry. Even though Coke has the largest market share, its overall market share has been reducing. This has resulted in declining profits. If the effect of the competition becomes more significant then Coke could have potential problems with its profits. Executive Summary Coca Cola has come along way since its beginnings, from selling nine bottles a day to currently over 800 million. As well as becoming one of the most recognised brands. It was introduced into Australia in the 1930's and is currently produced by a subsidiary company, Coca Cola Amatil who have had the rights to sell and produce Coca Cola's products in Australia since 1990. Two levels of strategies are identified by Robbin and Barnwell(2003), corporate strategies and business strategies. In reference to Coca-Cola, their strategies are known as the corporate strategies. These guide the expectations of the business. On the other hand, Coca-Cola Amatil's strategies are the business level strategies, in this case they are mainly the operationalised versions of the corporate strategies. When investigating Miles and Snow's four strategies, defenders, prospectors, analysers and reactors, it was evident that Coca-Cola fits best to the prospector type. This is due to Coca-Cola's emphasis on market research and product
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