Code Of Ethics And The Workplace

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Management is when someone controls or regulates entities including employees, customers and products. Good management requires identifying diversity in the workplace in order to have a healthy work environment. Bad management comes when the person does not care about their employees or acts on instinct rather than think decisions through a process. Proper management is necessary for growth of a business and helps organize things for time efficiency and gain positive outcomes. Management is essential in all fields and aspects of the world. Additionally, management can be very powerful and the organizations that have proper attributes and practices will be considered the most successful and well managed. The following is an outline of ten …show more content…

Strategic alliances are defined as “a partnership between an organization and a foreign company in which both share resources and knowledge”. This helps both companies grow and develop new ideas and products. Business and partnerships of any sizes can benefit from international partnerships because they provide a different perspective and collaborating can bring benefits to both parties.
An important practice for managers to follow is avoiding biases. Bias is a term that describes a tendency or preference toward a particular perspective or ideology (Robbins/Coulter 132). It is generally seen as a “one-sided” perspective. Being bias can create all kinds of inaccurate judgments and attitudes (Robbins/Coulter 132). As a manager you want to stay open-minded and hear other people’s opinions. This will make you a better leader than a manager. You want people to be able to come to you and talk about things that could better the business. It is also important to avoid biases when hiring employees with different backgrounds and only focus on essential skills necessary to work the position. This added diversity will help create a good public image and will generate more customers and support.
Another good practice of a well-managed business is how to properly deal with stress. Stress is the reactions of a person due to overload of work, which causes

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