Conceptual Framework At The University Of Phoenix College Of Education

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COE Conceptual Framework Writepoint Paper
The College of Education Conceptual Framework are guidelines and expectations set up for all faculty and students at the University of Phoenix College of Education. The framework provides a guiding structure for designing, implementing, and evaluating programs at University of Phoenix. The framework revolves around seven key themes that support expectations for teaching and learning at the University of Phoenix. As future teachers the COE Conceptual Framework sets clear expectations of skills and experiences students need to master to become successful in the classroom.
The COE Conceptual Framework is separated into seven themes that promote knowledge, skills, dispositions, and lifelong learning as
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Especially in such a culturally diverse country as the United States, the College of Education has a very diverse student body and as students transition into becoming teachers having gained skills with diversity issues will help greatly in dealing with diversity in the classroom.
Along with dealing with diversity future teachers will have to collaborate and communicate effectively with fellow teachers and administration at the school. Participating in collaborative activities will prepare students for being effective communicators in the classroom. Learning new technologies will greatly benefit future teachers with effective communication tools in the classroom and the workplace. Technology can be used to present new information as well as document performance for assessment.
Assessment of performance is paramount in the workplace and the framework helps faculty ensure they are teaching students to be able to effectively engage in reflection of performance and implement strategies of improving effectiveness of instruction. Not only must students learn this necessary skill, but faculty must also reflect on their instruction and assess their performance so they can implement strategies on becoming better educators as
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