Coffee Machine Environmental Life Cycle Analysis

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Introduction The major objective of the report is to illustrate the coffee machine environmental life cycle analysis, so as to satisfy the increasing demand of the customer for the expectation of the environmental protection as well as to response to the new implemented environmental legislation. As one of the responsible manufacturers located in U.K. specialized in the production of coffee machines dedicated for the public and domestic application, the conduction of the environmental life cycle analysis for the coffee machine would be undergone. As a pilot testing, the filter type coffee machine is selected. After the completion of the environmental life cycle analysis, the environmental performance is accessed with the approval and…show more content…
Report Structure To have a better structure and the facilitation of the best comprehensiveness, the immediate task of the environmental life cycle analysis (LCA) submission would be divided into four sub-tasks. With the proper introductory and conclusive chapters, it is hoped that the best readability can be achieved with the better understanding to the background knowledge about the LCA and the process on the manufacturing of the filter coffee machine. Practically, the report was divided in six chapters, namely, introduction, inventory life cycle, evaluation criteria, environmental impacts, social measurements and conclusion. The detail scope of each chapter is summarized in the following figure. No. | Title | Scope | 1 | Introduction | In the chapter with the title of introduction, the objective of this report and the serving purpose were highlighted. Besides, the scope of the reports, which is limited to the filter type coffee machine, is decided. With the guidance of the introduction, It would be expected that the target audience of the report would have a clear picture about the LCA of the machine to be analyzed with the reference to be background information about the analyzing technique. | 2 | Inventory Life Cycle | In the secondary chapter, the major focus would be the inventory of the life cycle stages for the manufacturing of the filter type coffee machine. In addition, the forms and levels of the energy

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