Coke Products Are Consumed Everyday

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Coke products are consumed everyday. Over 8000 glasses equaling a total of 1.7 billion servings of Coca-Cola are consumed every second on this planet. John Stith Pemberton, an American Pharmacists, invented Coca-Cola in 1886, so this brand has existed for 130 years (Coca-Cola History). The iconic American brand, known around the globe, has created many commercials over the years to appeal to consumers throughout the world in a way that intrigues them to think its necessary to have Coca-Cola in their life. The Coca-Cola commercials expressed here are sixty-five years apart, and will show various ways that the company has improved their marketing of the popular soft drink. While analyzing the two separate Coca-Cola commercials, this essay…show more content…
A song plays that emphasize all that the narrator spoke. The commercial targets all soda-drinking consumers, but specifically women that will feel entitled and clever to take a break and choose a glass of ice-cold Coca-Cola. In reassurance the narrator states-the women-are always welcomed to an embracing sparkle that brings a bit of quick energy. The purpose of this product is to appeal to women as consumers to indulge in the great tasting Coca-Cola soft drink after a long day that will bring a sense of happiness and pause to their day. The commercial addresses this product in a direct manner, openly target women and other Coca-Cola consumers that consider themselves as “smart shoppers”. In actuality, a smart shopper is someone who takes a break out of his or her busy day to grab a drink of Coca-Cola. The 1950 commercial appealed in ways through use of expressions to interest consumers. Ethical appeal means the author convinces the audience of his credibility or character. In the commercial the narrator act as the ethos, as he portrays himself, his language, and image. The author also uses pathos because he connects the emotional side of the audience by sympathizing with them and relating to being tired after a long day of shopping. Predominantly, the use of logos appeal is presented by explaining what to logically do after a long day. There are many stylistic devices demonstrated throughout this commercial, though some were more obvious than others. Anaphora is
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