Colapinto Nature Vs Nurture

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Nature versus nurture has always been a big topic for discussion between scientists. To take a look at this further I took a look at a couple articles: “A Thing or Two About Twins", “Nature vs Nurture in Psychology" and the book “As Nature Made Him: the Girl Who Was Raised as a Girl” by John Colapinto. The case generated is that nature is the reason that humans are the way we are. Nature meaning genetics and heredity, while nurture is focused more on the environment. This case is significant for a study because it helps us understand how we as humans grow and develop into the individuals that we are. In the book David Remier, also known as Brenda was the test subject of the nature versus nurture debate with psychologist John Money conducting…show more content…
The children were named Bruce and Brian. The couple was living a good life. Janet noticed that there had been some problems with the boys when they urinated. After being brought to the doctors it was decided that the boys get circumcised. Bruce was the first one to be circumcised, when a horrific accident happened. After burning the penis the child needed a surgery so he can urinate properly. After this accident, the doctors decided not to operate on Brian. When the couple was informed as to what happened they went through some tough times. After encountering a broadcasting of Dr. John Money talking about gender transformation, the couple became intrigued. Money stated “the primary factor determining an intersexual child’s gender identity was not biology, but rather the way the child was raised”. (page 32). The couple got in touch with Dr. Money and decided to change Bruce into Brenda. Money convinced them that the child was young enough that they could assign what sex they want the child to have, they just had to stop procrastinating. The child was being raised by a girl while the twin brother was still being raised as a boy. The child encountered many different situations through life
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