Collaboration with Teammates to Increase Production

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Collaboration means working in pairs or group. It is important in information systems because by working as a team it can results in better work product. It is important that the team members review each other works, by reviewing other members works it they will be able to make improvements. Collaboration needs feedback and iteration. Successful collaboration usually produce a better work than individual. Importance of receiving feedback - Able to produce a better work - Learn from each other. There are three types of collaboration driver. -Communication -Content management -Workflow control. Communication have two main factors. Receiving feedback and giving feedback is one of the first factors. The second factors is availability of effective communication systems. Content management is the second type of collaboration. Because there are many users contribute and editing there must be at least one users work must be different from other users and to solve this problems users have to manage the content of their work as a team or use a program that track the review. Finally workflow control. Workflow content is a process or procedure. Not all of the collaboration drivers are important but the most important effectiveness is communication because if the members or users does not communicate with each other, they can’t improve their works and do not know their work progress. Information systems are divided in to five components hardware, software, data, procedures and

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