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1. The college I am researching in is iowa, I want to get in their medical program. incoming students need to have a minimum of 245 on your RAI score. My RAi score is 170 I will get it up by getting more classes done and also raising my GPA, also when I take the ACT test I will try to do my best and get a decent score on it. I want to be a nurse at Iowa. They have a good medical program and I think I would fit right in. 2. I have to have 4 years of English, 3 years of math, 3 years of science, 4 years of consecutive foreign language. Requires 32 student hours to graduate. I will have to work up to this by getting a two year bachelor's degree in nursing then I can move up to RN then etc. I think I can do this because I have family members that are RN and other fields of nursing and they will help me lead the way so I know i'm not alone. i will go to DMACC for my undergraduate in nursing then to Iowa to graduate for nursing. I hope this works out. I will have to do Practical Nurse, then Licensed Practical Nurse, then to a Registered Nurse. I will go to DMACC for 2 years ,then to Iowa for the other 2 years. To enter the program I will have to …show more content…

A CLEP test I could take is Psychology I, was researching about it and most people say it was easy. Granted that you should listen to a couple of classes and study hard to pass it, most people say that it isn’t that hard if you do things to prepare you for the test. This is probably the only one because the other tests are hard and I need to pay attention in class. You need 50 percent to pass the CLEP test and that doesn't seem that difficult. This would save some money and I think I can do it. There are some other CLEP test that I think I can do the test, but I am not for sure, for example like general chemistry or biology intro. These are other considerations. I have not taken any AP classes, I do not know why, but it would have been a good challenge. I haven’t taken any college DMACC classes

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