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The last twelve years of my life, I have spent the last four or five years of my life focusing on improving my academics and learning how to become a better person. The one consistent drive that pushed me to succeed academically is my dream of attending Kennesaw State University (KSU). Unfortunately, in today’s economic climate I have to be realistic and factor in out-of-state fees and the impact these fees would have on my family’s financial health. That was until I discovered this amazing waiver that gives out of state students an opportunity to pay tuition as a Resident rather than a Nonresident. The KSU OutKSU Out-Of-State Waiver will make my dream of attending KSU a reality. However, I’m sure many other students have come across this waiver and learned it is not handed out to every applicant; it is limited and should be awarded to the most …show more content…

I have completed advanced Math, Reading, and Science courses in addition to the general required courses. In additional to my high school course work, I have also volunteered at the Chambliss Shelter, Erlanger Hospital, and the Annual Elementary Track Meet. Although I had a rough start at the beginning of my high school career, I have learned some very hard lessons that have matured me into the hard working student I am today.
After high school, my plan is to go to college majoring in nursing. While I am in the nursing program, I will intern for a hospital or a doctor’s office for more hands on experience. Following my RN degree, I plan to pursue my goal of continuing my education and becoming a nurse practitioner. I intend to work at a doctor’s office or a hospital as a RN while going to school to help pay off my loans and be able to be financially stable without needing my mother’s help. MY long term goal is to be a Nurse Practitioner specializing in Women Health. I have a desire to treat and educate those in need of medical

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