College Athletes Should Be Paid For Their Participation

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There is a big debate whether college athletes should get paid for their participation in a sport. I believe that college athlete should get paid. College athletes are taken advantage of in college athletics and deserve to be paid for their time, hard work, and dedication in a sport. College athletics are growing very fast and they are beginning to bring in more money. The highest revenue by a college right now is $196,030,398 by the University of Oregon. College athletes are not seeing any of this money they are earning for their department. College athletes put their life on the line for their team and do not receive a single penny in their pocket. Statistics show that forty-five percent of Americans follow college sports and twenty-nine million have attended a college sports event. This shows how popular college sports are right now. Fans do not show up for the coaches for the most part, but fans show up for the team and the players. The National Collegiate Athletic Association brings in around 720 million dollars and that number is expected to grow in the next decade. The NCAA has the money to pay college athletes and they deserve to be paid. If colleges can spend millions on paying a college coach, then why can they not spend some money from the millions they make on the athletes that make their money. College athletes are underappreciated and do as much work as professional athletes and should receive money for their efforts. Giving college students money for playing

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