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When you take responsibility, you gain power; and it depends on you how you use the power to fulfill the responsibility. It is just the way things work. In my case, I have two jobs— both at the University of Houston-Downtown. I work as a peer mentor for the UHD Peer Mentoring program, and a student worker at the Gator Success Center. Seems like a lot of work for a full-time student, right? It actually is. However, I like working on campus. It gives me some authority to be involved in the university system. Since I work on the success center, I have the access to students’ information. I can search for their class schedules, phone numbers, advising history and much more. Obviously, I need to have their student ID number (900#) to look up …show more content…

I attend a seminar course with them, but they just try to ignore me during the class. On top of that, I am provided with their gatormail address and student ID only. And when I email them about something, they do not reply. To be honest, I do not even think they check their university email. They are freshmen after all. I did not even know that I had to check my gatormail regularly when I was a freshman. So, I do not even blame them. Plus, the student Id number was useless. What would I do with it? On one hand, I was having a hard time reaching my mentees. I would go to the seminar class 10-20 minutes earlier, but none of them would be there. Even when I asked them to stay a few minutes after class, they would just ignore my request, and leave. On the other hand, my supervisors from the mentoring program were asking me to submit my ‘interaction with mentees’ report. Unlike the success center, I was not just supposed to be calling students and leaving voice messages. For my mentees, I am supposed to keep close contact with them, and help them succeed in college. I have to keep a list of all my interactions with them and submit it to the program directors. There was a point where I got really scared that they would fire me. And, oh, when I tried asking my fellow peer mentors if their mentees were talking to them, they told me the stories about their get-together event, and how they

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