College Is An Exciting And Nervous Time Of Your Life

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College is an exciting and nervous time of your life. It greatly affects what your life will be like afterward. I was super nervous in high school and worried about my test scores. Well, I did end up getting very worried about the tests I think I had the worst score in my class. When applying for colleges came around I knew that my options were limited to a few. I aimed really high, but I don’t regret it because I still was able to go to my second favorite college. My test scores came back to haunt me with my college schedule because I had to pay for my schooling all through my eight years. I became my number one choice for jobs, though. I was on cloud nine when I got to be my dream job because it is a very high-income job. Summing it up I think that the four main parts of college life are; what you did in high school, your test scores and your G.P.A, what college life is like for you, and what life was like after college.
High school was a very stressful time because of my test scores, G.P.A, how everything affects you, and extracurricular activities you participated in during high school. My test scores were pretty bad and that’s why I was a little stressed out all through the rest of high school. My ACT was a 22, which was ok. I really don’t want to admit my SAT score was, but since I have to I got a 740. My G.P.A, on the other hand, was great I had a 3.75 in high school. My test scores greatly affected everything. They actually crushed my dreams, to be honest. I had…
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