Commentary on Lorna Sage, Bad Blood (2000) Essay

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Commentary on Lorna Sage, Bad Blood (2000)

This passage revolves around a young girl's life, how it has changed and what it has become. It is ironically, how a friendship has evolved into something that the two girls who are exposed in this passage have never thought it would become. Sage introduces us to what we can conclude to be herself in the first paragraph of this passage, whilst introducing us to her dear friend (or shall we say greatest enemy?) in the second paragraph.

The relationship between Gail and the narrator is one of typical young girl's relationships with another girl. Sage develops the relationship between these two young girls from two very contradicting ways; Hate to Love. As the narrator mentions; …show more content…

"…holding hands painfully, giggling together hysterically…"

If this was read about a guy and a girl, the reader would quite quickly come to the conclusion of a special kind of relationship being introduced, but this one friendship isn't like this. This friendship is consistent of the truth and of the honestly and loyalty towards the other. That is what the "holding hands painfully" can be referring to.
The girls do not want to let go of this friendship, they've been through a lot and they are not willing to let something come in and take that away from them…but, also, does that imply on anything?

"...days of our adolescent intimacy…"

In which point of view can we take this quote? Doesn't this usually imply on a strong relationship between two people? One that consists of love, warmth and of - for sure - "intimacy"? You can't go around now and hear a girl saying that she has had days of "adolescent intimacy" with another girl without thinking that something isn't right…right? And, adolescences is a period of time when two people should come together and figure out the feelings they have towards each other…to figure out why it is really classified as intimate and not something different, something filled with a little bit less of love. The word "hell", what does that imply to? Pain? Ache? Struggle? Or all three? The first passage, or to be more specific, the first

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