Commination Between Individuals Includes The Actual Spoken

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Commination between individuals includes the actual spoken words, language, and dialogue between the individuals, known as verbal communication. One of the primary functions of language is to express imagination and creativity. This function is essential to our ability to image endless possibilities and create the things around us. According to Bevan and Sole (2014), our use of symbols to represent physical objects, ideas, and emotions gives us the capacity to build cities, to make laws, and to create art and music (Section 4.1, para. 20). In other words, to create and image the world around us we have to use language to be able to express our inner thoughts. For example, if you ask a child to create or image an invention that can solve a …show more content…

This function is the idea that based on someone non-verbal communication you are able to form an impression of the type of person someone is and able to identify who they are. According to Bevan and Sole (2014), nonverbal communication is an important factor in how we perceive others and how others perceive us (Section 4.1, para. 6). An example of this is the communication between two people at a job interview. If someone is going into a job interview, they will most likely dress up, carry themselves in a professional manner, and try to impress the interviewer. Body language would be essential to understand during an interview as well, you want to come off as open and confident, your first impressions is usually the most important. Nonverbal communication is important in managing others’ impressions, as evidenced when we dress up for a first date or buy a new suit and practice our handshake before an important job interview (Bevan and Sole, 2014, Section 4.2, para. 6). Biased language usually refers to the use of words that intentionally or unintentionally offend people or express negative attitudes concerning a person’s race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, or illness (Bevan and Sole, 2014, Section 4.1, para. 25). It is essential to understand the impact biased language can have on people’s attitude, behaviors, and perception. The use of biased language can give others the impression that you have

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